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The Following Services are Available in all Comprehensive Packages

or at an Hourly Rate:


  • Q& A with parents and/or students about any aspects of the college search or application process

  • Guidance on high school course and extracurriculars selection (Selecting and balancing APs/Honors/elective courses; advice on extracurriculars, service opportunities, etc. that speak to who a student really is)

  • Creation of a customized college list

  • Creation of a customized application timeline

  • Essay help, including guidance on topic selection (very important) and thoughtful review/editing advice

  • Consultation on college-specific application strategies, including advice on submissions timing (Early Decision I and II; Early Action; Priority and rolling deadlines), recommendation letters, resumés, activities lists, and direct communications with college admissions personnel.

  • Interview Prep

  • Standardized testing advice and advice on test prep options

  • Research on specific institutions and programs to meet student needs

  • Guidance on undergraduate majors and plans of study

  • Advice on campus visits

  • Advice on financial aid and finding "value" schools

What is the difference between Packages and the hourly payment option?

When you opt for a package, I oversee the entire application process for your student. I initiate communications and follow up with students to make sure that everything stays on track.  For hourly clients, by contrast, the responsibility for communication and scheduling rests with the student and family; you reach out to me when help is needed.  The hourly option is good for students who are: (1) good at time management, (2) self-motivated with regard to the application process, and/or (3) not the first child in their family to apply to college.

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